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The VIVA will take the form of a submission of a recorded presentation of your work.

The recording should be an informal, meeting-like presentation and should be considered as an opportunity to showcase your work. The aim is for you to present your work clearly and effectively to your client.

You are allowed 5 minutes to deliver your main content. You will then answer the questions below where you are allowed up to 1 minute per answer. Poor timing will affect your grade.

Grading will focus on your presentation skills, not the content of your project work. The template provided must be used.

Following the presentation of your work, please verbally answer the following questions. Keep your answers brief and concise and take account of the timing indicated for each.

Typically, this will take the form of a narrated PowerPoint presentation which can either be submitted as a PPT file, or saved as a video file. Ensure the video quality allows the file size to be small enough for submission.
Other forms of presentation are allowed, but it is your responsibility to ensure file sizes are acceptable and the work achieves the grading criteria.


1. You have tested your code using ozone (o3). We have many chemical species to analyse, how would you need to adapt your code to work with carbon dioxide (CO2) for example.

2. If we wanted to analyse multiple chemical species at the same time, how would that affect our HPC requirements, e.g. number of processors?

3. One of our measuring instruments uses -9999 as an error code, not NaN. How would you adapt your code to check for this error?

This assessment is graded out of 100 and contributes 5 credits towards the module grade.


1. This is a client presentation. You are explaining to your client how you have achieved what they asked for. You are not explaining to your tutor how much work you did!

2. Do not explain your code syntax line by line – or at all. Your client is interested in the results and the proof.

3. Practice, change and adapt. You will into get your presentation right first time. Change slides, adjust the content, think about what is on the slide compared to what you say.

4. You have time to practice and repeat so marking may be harsher than a live session.

5. Look at the grading rubric below and target the marks.

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