Question 1 – Approx 1,000 words

This take home exercise does not require you to undertake any analysis yourself. Rather, you are being asked to critique an existing paper.

Choose one of the following recent NBER papers for this part of the assignment:


Based on the reference that you have chosen, answer the following questions in your own words

1a) What are the main data analysis techniques used in the paper? Describe at least one of those techniques in detail (approx 100 words)

1b) What are the research questions analysed in the paper? (approx 100 words)

1c) What are some of the assumptions that the authors make in the paper? (approx 200 words)

1d) What are the main findings from the analysis? (approx 400 words)

1e) How could the analysis be extended using a different technique covered in the course, or by transforming or interacting one or more of the variables? (approx 400 words)


Question 2 – Approx 600 words. Outline a potential research project using longitudinal data analysis techniques that is different from your main assignment. For your proposed research project, describe the following:

  • The research question(s)
  • The data items that you would use (dependent variable(s), independent variables)
  • The main literature on the topic that you would expect to contribute to (briefly, you are not expected to do a full literature review)
  • The analytical technique or techniques that you would use
  • Any assumptions that you would be making and how you might be able to test those assumptions (if possible)


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