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  1. Find a proverb in an indigenous African language that is about at least one of the following:





– And or any ways or forms of knowing and/or dissemination of what is known, etc.

  1. Write the proverb in its original (indigenous African) language.
  2. Name the language of the proverb (that is identify/state the linguistic source of the proverb e.g.,Ewe, Swahili, Lingala, Yoruba, Zulu, Hausa, etc.)
  1. Name/identify the ethnic group that speaks the language.
  2. Name the country or countries in which the language is spoken and the proverb is used
  3. Name the country/countries in which the ethnic group lives.
  4. Write the English Translation of the proverb. The translation may include literal, deeper,

philosophical meanings, etc.

Optional: You may:

  1. Briefly explain, analyze or discuss the proverb and/or state the moral lesson(s), deeper, philosophical, contextual, etc meanings of and/or embedded in the proverb etc (as I did with the one Ewe proverb about knowledge and the baobab tree on the first day of class. [See PPP 1] IF you so wish. That would give you a bonus mark if you do. BUT it is not required.
  1. Include any other relevant information. That is permitted so long as you stay within the page limit.

Length: Not More than One Page (1 page or less);

Space: Single Space

Font and Size: Times New Romans; 12.

This Proverb assignment will be submitted on both UBC Canvas and on Turnitin. DUE: Please See

Syllabus & Canvas Assignments for Due Date

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