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Upon successful completion of this module students will have:

  • Expressed the importance of literature as a key to the development of language in young children
  • Developed a better understanding of emotional development and expression of emotions through literature
  • Learned theories related to the acquisition of language
  • Understood the importance of children’s rights to the provision of high-quality inclusive services that offer cultural and linguistic diversity
  • Created a presentation style to attract interest and curiosity
  • Developed confidence in presentation of literature and capturing the audience through effective communication skills
  • Developed skills and confidence to present stories to children coming from a variety of different cultural backgrounds
  • Had exposure to literature in languages other than English and respect to different languages from multiple cultures.
  • Created a resource file of literature for children
  • Developed strategies to present age and content appropriate materials
  • Developed an understanding of how to build caring relationships based on genuineness, respect, and empathy, through appropriate children’s literature
  • Learned about local library and resources that are available
  • Promoted the use of various formats of literature and demonstrated the use of a variety of teaching methods to enhance children’s development
  • Used tools available to present literature to children
  • Learned strategies to screen the contents of children’s literature
  • Learned skills to promote literature in formats other than verbal. That literacy includes written symbols, and recognition of these symbols.
  • Practiced the ability to establish an emotionally safe and nurturing climate by using children’s literature
  • Learned skills to promote literature through games to develop self-esteem

Attendance  Expectations

For virtual classes, we recommend students attend the live sessions with the instructor. If students cannot attend these live sessions, they should later check the recordings uploaded to their course in MyCampus Students are required to log in regularly and complete each week’s course material.

There are activities and assignments due each session. Student progress is tracked by the completion of these activities, and failure to complete them will result in a marked absence.

Dress Expectations

Students are expected to dress appropriately for live sessions, in accordance with the dress code policy.

Generic Skills

The college is committed to ensuring that students have the full range of knowledge and skills required for full participation in all aspects of their lives, including skills enabling them to be life-long learners. To ensure graduates have this preparation, such generic skills as literacy and numeric, computer, interpersonal communication, and critical thinking skills will be embedded in all courses.

Course Changes

Information contained in this course outline is correct at the time of publication. Course content is revised on an ongoing basis to ensure relevance to changing educational employment and marketing needs. Course outlines are subject to change. The program or course timetable may also be revised.

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