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Format requirement:

  1. Word limit is 1500-2000 words (Not double-spaced); prepare your file saved as a PDF file.
  2. At the beginning of your paper, indicate your name, student ID and the question number that you choose. At the end of the paper, indicate the total number of words (footnotes and references are NOT included).
  1. APA style is preferable. Other format can be used but the consistency should be maintained. If you want to refer to the course slide(s) of this lecture, you can mention like (Susato [2021] 8: 12) in the text. “8: 12” means Slide 12 of Lecture 8. In the bibliography, the full information can be shown as below:

Susato, Ryu (2021) Historical Perspectives in Economic Analysis, course slide.

Topics of discussion:

Choose one topic in the following and discuss on the supposition that each thinker or economist would neither abandon nor fundamentally change his position. You are allowed to mention the works of each thinker that we did not use or mention in the lecture. If you choose more than one, all answers would be invalid.

Q1. What kind of restrictions do you think Adam Smith would justify in economic activities and international trade under the pandemic of COVID-19?

Q2 How do you think Marx and Hayek would evaluate the recent development of “sharing economy” respectively? One specific example of sharing economy (i.e. car-sharing or Uber) must be given first and the same example must be applied to both Marx and Hayek.

Q3 How do you think Weber and Schmoller would judge the role that economists play in our time?Discuss with taking one example that both Weber and Schmoller could not have known but in which economists played a decisive role.

Other notices:

  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will significantly affect your grade (all the submission will be checked with a plagiarism detection software).
  • lnstructor’s expectations: Students are expected to demonstrate their correct understandings of the fundamental claims made by each thinker, and the historical contexts in which s/he lived.
  • You can use information on the Web (e.g. The Online Library of Liberty), but I recommend the online database “Routledge Historical Resources: History of Economic Thought”, in which you can find many classical texts and academic papers. You can access this through à Media centre à Electronic journals/Online resources(There is no limit of simultaneous accesses to this database)
  • When you use these materials, make sure of showing the sources. However, the main task for students is to demonstrate their originalities based on their correct understanding of each thinker’s claims. Avoid long quotations from original texts or others’ comments and opinions.

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