Praxis Barnes 已经确定在执行过程中存在瓶颈(时间延迟)将候选人的技能与客户需要的技能相匹配。目前,有五名招聘人员(工作人员)需要人工核对应聘者简历,对照那些客户的职位描述,以找到合适的匹配。

Praxis 发现,由于延误,他们的客户从其他机构找到了候选人,他们正在失去推荐或持续的佣金收入。 Praxis 估计他们每周错失 2 个永久职位,每周错失 3 个合同职位。

Praxis Barnes 看到了优化流程以匹配技能和能力的机会通过自动化技能,使候选人能够满足客户的需求候选人的身份和可用性,然后匹配所需的技能和为客户计时。



• 技能
• 能力
• 经验
• 可用性


Praxis 还希望通过启用
候选人使用必要的信息输入和更新他们的“个人资料”。这个会需要以这样的方式进行,使候选人可以轻松进入他们的信息,而不需要花费超过 20 分钟的时间。

该企业目前有一个网站,该网站在高级共享下由 AccuWeb 托管Windows 主机,“小型企业 Windows 主机”计划。


该企业目前还使用 Salesforce 来管理其客户(帐户)信息并为其员工提供使用 Salesforce 的许可证。

首选是通过 Web 门户远程完成此操作。也许是一个新标签或他们现有网站上提供的功能。然而,Praxis 敏锐地意识到另一位在线招聘人员面临的安全问题以及声誉受损发生在该在线系统遭到破坏时,以及候选人的个人详细信息可在暗网上出售。 MQ 希望确保他们满足任何适用于澳大利亚的安全和隐私立法。

MQ 还希望能够确保候选人可以随时输入他们的详细信息。

因为数据将进入数据库,Praxis 希望数据得到验证并检查以确保没有虚拟数据可以输入到系统中。数据完整性是他们的优先事项。

Praxis 估计,借助这种新的自动化功能,他们可以发展业务并且能够每周额外放置 4 个永久职位和额外的 5 个每周合同安置。

Initial Project

Praxis Barnes has identified that there is a bottle neck (time delay) in the process of matching the skills of the candidate with those that the client needs. Currently, there are five recruiters (staff) that need to manually check the resumes of the candidates, against those of the position descriptions of the clients to find a suitable match.

Praxis has found that due to the delay, their clients have found candidates from other agencies and they are losing out on the referral or ongoing commission income. Praxis estimates that they are missing out on 2 permanent placements a week, and 3 contract placements per week.

Praxis Barnes sees an opportunity to optimise the process to match the skills, capabilities and availability of the candidates to the needs of the clients, by automating the skills identification and the availability of the candidates, to then match the required skills and timing for the client.

The aim is for a recruiter to be able to find a match or close match within the day and notify the candidate of the opportunity and to get in touch for further discussion.

The recruiter would need to input the details of the position description of the client, along with preferred start date (and end date if applicable), and then search through the existing candidates to find a match or close match of:

• Skills
• Capabilities
• Experience
• Availability

Any gaps in skills and capabilities can then be reported as possible training opportunities for the candidate.

Praxis would also like to cut down on the data entry work for their staff by enabling the candidates to input and update their “profiles” with the necessary information. This would need to be done in such a way as to make it simple and easy for the candidates to enter their information, without taking more than 20 minutes of their time.

The business currently has a website that is hosted with AccuWeb under a Premium Shared
Windows Hosting, “Small Business Windows Hosting” plan.

[For your reference: https://www.accuwebhosting.com/web-hosting/windows-web-
hosting/classic-servers ]

The business also currently uses Salesforce to manage their client (accounts) information and has licenses for their staff to use Salesforce.

The preference is for this to be done remotely via a web portal. Perhaps a new tab or feature that is available on their existing website. However, Praxis is acutely aware of the security issues that another online recruiter faced and the reputational damage that occurred when that online system was compromised, and the personal details of candidates was made available for sale on the dark net. MQ would like to ensure that they meet any security and privacy legislation applicable in Australia.

MQ also wants to be able to make sure that candidates can enter in their details at any time, as some of them will need to do this updating after work or on weekends when not at work.

Because the data will be going into the database, Praxis wants the data to be validated and checked to make sure that no dummy data can be entered into the system. Data integrity is a priority for them.

With this new automated capability, Praxis estimates that they can then grow the business and be able to place an additional 4 permanent placements per week and an additional 5 contract placements per week.

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