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论文类型的问题。只回答两个。题目相同(每题 30 分)。

1. 大多数战略文献都同意全面的形势分析是良好战略的基础。情境分析包括哪些内容?为什么它如此重要?如果您刚刚开始担任制造自行车的公司的营销经理,您将如何进行情境分析?

2. 像 General Mills 或 Nestlé 这样的大型消费品公司与一家快速增长的高科技行业的小型创业公司的基本经营理念或方向可能有何不同?这种差异将如何表现出来?

3. Minnetonka, Inc. 是一家相对较小的公司,它率先开发了消费者健康和美容产品,例如 Softsoap 和 Check-Up 抗牙菌斑牙膏。

一种。在由宝洁和高露洁棕榄等巨头主导的行业中,作为新产品市场的先驱,为像 Minnetonka 这样的公司提供什么潜在优势?

并非所有新的市场开拓者都能有效地利用其早期领先优势所固有的潜在优势。您建议 Minnetonka 应该怎样做才能在其进入的新市场中获得并保持领先地位?

Part A
Essay-type questions. Answer TWO ONLY. Questions are of equal marks (30 marks each).

1. Most strategic literature agrees that a full situational analysis is the foundation of good strategy. What is included in a situational analysis? Why is it so important and how would you go about conducting a situational analysis if you had just started as the Marketing Manager of a company manufacturing bicycles?

2. How are the basic business philosophies or orientations of a major consumer products firm such as General Mills or Nestlé and a small entrepreneurial start-up in a fast-growing, high-tech industry likely to differ? How would this difference manifest itself?

3. Minnetonka, Inc., is a relatively small firm that pioneered the development of consumer health and beauty products, such as Softsoap and Check-Up plaque-fighting toothpaste.

a. What potential advantages does being the pioneer in new product-markets provide a firm such as Minnetonka in an industry dominated by giants such as Procter & Gamble and Colgate-Palmolive?

b. Not all new market pioneers effectively take advantage of the potential benefits inherent in their early lead. What do you suggest Minnetonka should do to gain and maintain a leading share position in the new markets it enters?

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