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本次澳洲代写是关于marketing写作 限时测试


After much deliberation, Rebecca recently purchased a second-hand Range Rover from Ray’s Used Car Centre. Rebecca was looking forward to cruising down to Victor Harbor with her friends, getting McDonald’s whenever she wanted and having her friends be envious of her car. However, within a week of her purchase, Rebecca’s car broke down in the middle of Adelaide’s CBD, only 5 minutes away from her house. Rebecca has not been able to embark on any of her planned adventures, and her friends definitely are not envious of her purchase. Unfortunately, a mechanic charged Rebecca $3000 to fix her car problems. Ray’s Used Car Centre has also been slow to address her concerns.

Rebecca has been left feeling frustrated, claiming the car has not met her expectations. When speaking to Nigel and Amelie, Rebecca said, “I wish I didn’t purchase this car, I should have weighed up my other options”.

Question: Using your knowledge from this course, identify and explain what Rebecca is experiencing. Then, discuss and analyse why Rebecca might be feeling this way. Finally, provide recommendations to Rebecca and Ray’s Used Car Centre regarding how they might avoid this occurrence in future. Please ensure your answer is in your own words.


Harriet started her own company, “Best Boots”, in 2020. After having to walk long distances across campus to teach her tutorials, Harriet developed a foot pain and injury. Harriet’s podiatrist said that her condition was due to her boots not offering enough support. “Best Boots’ offer boot wearers more comfort without compromising on style. However, Harriet has encountered a conundrum. Harriet believes she has created a boot design, which allows her heeled boots to be agile, faster and completely reduce the risk of foot injuries. While no competitor is capable of this technology, patenting and developing her product is very expensive. As such, Harriet would need to mark up her product and no longer compete on a low-cost basis. Harriet wishes to seek your advice about what strategy she should approach.

Using your knowledge from the course, explain the different types of competitive advantages. Then, discuss the different competitive advantages Harriet has the ability to achieve. Finally, using your knowledge of competitive advantage, provide recommendations and justification about which strategy Harriet should be approaching.


Ricky Martin is set to open up a new supermarket in the city you live in. While Ricky is excited, he is not familiar with the need to “position” his new supermarket to appeal to potential customers. Ricky is aware that you are studying marketing and turns to you for advice.

Using your knowledge and frameworks from the course regarding positioning, explain the concept of positioning and why it is important. Then, create a perceptual map, identify three competitors/supermarkets (of your choice) of Ricky’s, and explain their positioning. Finally, discuss how Ricky might differentiate himself and avoid intense levels of competition.

Please note, your perceptual map should not use price and quality.

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