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You are required to write a report regarding two challenges faced by organisations to implement people analytics for performance management, including recommendations for what managers and Human Resource (HR) practitioners need to do in order to address those challenges.
The purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate that you can identify significant challenges and related issues that may arise in a workplace and justify why your recommendations to address those challenges can effectively and efficiently achieve effective human performance management.

Assessment criteria

This assessment will measure your ability to:
1. Identify key challenges relating to the report prompt and argue originally and clearly and substantiate ideas and assertions through use of academic reference material and key academic perspectives/views (9%).
2. Develop efficient and effective recommendations that are discussed logically and convincingly and substantiate ideas and assertions through use of academic reference material and key academic
perspectives/views (9%).
3. Acknowledge sources of information (format, quality and quantity of references) (6%).
4. Write in a clear and comprehensive style for a report format (structure, spelling, grammar, syntax) (6%).
Course learning outcomes
This assessment is relevant to the followving course learning outcomes:percentage of similarity.

Report format

●Use the ‘Recommended Assessment 1 report structure’ document as a suggested guide on how to structure your report. Recommended Report Structure (A1)
●1.5 line spacing, font size 12 in Times New Roman or Arial.
●Minimum number of references is 8 and they are to be cited and referenced in RMIT Harvard
referencing style


Report writing and referencing:
Recommended Assessment 1 report structure Recommended Report Structure (A1)
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●Get expert help with your assessments writing and referencing One-on-one consultations e Connect with a peer mentor for academic advice Peer mentoring e
●Get help with your assessments, finding information and using the Library Ask the Library webchat e
●Suggested journals available in the RMIT Library database:

Referencing guidelines

Use RMIT Harvardreferencing style for this assessment.
You must acknowledge all the courses of information you have used in your assessments.
Refer to the RMIT Easy Citereferencing tool to see examples and tips on how to reference in the
appropriated style. You can also refer to the library referencing page for more tools such as EndNote,referencing tutorials and referencing guides for printing.

Submission format

Use Word or PDF or a similar. The assessment will be submitted in Canvas as a fle upload.

Academic integrity and plagiarism

Academic integrity is about honest presentation of your academic work. It means acknowledging the work of others while developing your own impighto,lronte

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