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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

Identify which of these types of sampling is used: simple random, stratified, systematic, or convenience.

1) A market researcher randomly selects 500 drivers under 30 years of age and 500 drivers over 30 years of age.

A) Simple random B) Systematic C) Stratified D) Convenience

2) A pollster uses a computer to generate 500 random numbers, then interviews the voters corresponding to those numbers.

A) Stratified B) Systematic C) Convenience D) Simple random

In order to answer the given question, which of the following types of study would be the most appropriate: an experiment without blinding, an experiment with single blinding, an experiment with double blinding, an observational study, or a case-control study?

3) In which of these four soil types will the plants grow fastest? 3)

A) Experiment without blinding
B) Observational study
C) Experiment with single blinding
D) Experiment with double blinding
E) Case-control study

4) Are short women more likely to develop breast cancer than tall women? 4)

A) Case-control study
B) Experiment with double blinding
C) Experiment with single blinding
D) Experiment without blinding
E) Observational study

A sample statistic and margin of error are given. Find the confidence interval likely to contain the population parameter of interest and answer the question.

5) A poll conducted the day before the student-body presidential election at a midwestern university showed that 53.0 percent favored Mario, the rest favoring Yin Ling. The margin of error was 5.0 percentage points. Should Yin Ling have conceded the election?

A) 48% to 58%; no B) 48% to 53.0%; no
C) 50.5% to 55.5%; yes D) 53.0% to 58%; yes

6) Ten years ago, according to government records, 17% of the population of Elmwood had no health insurance. This year a poll revealed that 20.6% were without insurance. The margin of error was 2.8 percentage points. Find a confidence interval for the true percentage without insurance this year. Can we conclude that the percentage without insurance has increased from ten years ago?

A) 15% to 20.6%; no B) 20.6% to 23.4%; yes
C) 19.2% to 22%; yes D) 17.8% to 23.4%; yes

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