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Upload this assignment as a PDF to Canvas by the due date. Marks will be awarded for this
assignment based on the clarity of your answers, so please ensure you show all your working.
Solutions that do not show all working will typically receive reduced marks. Attend tutorials
and office hours to seek help if you need it. But all work submitted must be your own. This
assignment has six questions and is out of 24 total marks.

(a) Solve the IVP

3xn+1 + 5xn − 2xn−1 = 0, n ≥ 1
x0 = 1, x1 = 2.

(b) Find the general solution to the difference equation

xn = 4xn−1 − 5xn−2 + 2xn−3 + 2n.

(c) Find a particular solution to the difference equation

xn = xn−1 + 6xn−2 + n2n

(d) Answer one of the following two questions.

i. Given the second-order difference equation

Make a conjecture about the behavior of all solutions of Eq.(1).

ii. Consider the third-order difference equation (∆E)

Let the initial conditions x−2, x−1, and x0 be any positive real numbers.

Make a conjecture about the behavior of all positive solutions of Eq.(2).

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