Addendum to the syllabus for MATH 3710W, Part III.

Writing Portfolio, Part III: Continuous Equations









必须使用模板在TeX中排版此部分。最高可得30分。它将通过审查过程,并且评分将基于清晰度,创造力,您使用推理的程度以及您遵循指示的程度。同样,您的文本将被检查是否存在窃,我保留对语法错误和错别字过多(每页= 5个问题)扣除最多15分的权利。此时,您应该将各个部分组合在一起,并确保总长度(WP的第I,II和III部分)至少应为16页(包括参考文献),并且不应超过19页(仍然,WP的第III部分本身应为至少3页)。提交第一版的截止日期是美国东部时间4月26日,星期一,晚上11:59(此后将不接受)。


Directions. Imagine yourself a professor who is a specialist in differential equations and who was invited to write a chapter of the textbook. Thus, you’ll have to start with basics such as a definition of differential equations or a system of differential equations and build up the theory so the reader can understand the topic of your choosing without looking up anything. You’ll have to use a scientific style and the notes/chapter should include the following:

  • Highlights: formulate at the beginning what the reader should expect from reading the notes/chapter.
  • Enough details so the text is easy to follow (when you read the textbook, you’ll notice that in many cases the author skips steps, and you’ll need to reconstruct those steps and make your notes better than the textbook).
  • Examples (give/generate at least 3 examples that are not in the textbook or lecture notes).
  • Visualizations (give/generate a few charts, pictures, graphs or other kinds of visualizations; in particular try to use Maple and, so, you can also explain and show it to the reader).
  • Historical remarks. For instance, when a name of a scientist pops up, you’ll need to do some search and write a few sentences about the scientist and his/her achievements. Another example is some historical remarks about the related models.
  • Summary: a take-home message for the reader and what was the reason to read the text. This part is required to be typeset in TeX using the template. It is worth maximum 30 points. It will go through the review process and the grading will be based on clarity, creativity, how well you use reasoning, and how well you follow the instructions. Also, your text will be checked for plagiarism and I reserve the right to deduct up to 15 points for excessive (=5 issues per page) grammar mistakes and typos. At this point, you should combine the parts together and make sure that the total length (WP Parts I, II, and III) should be at least 16 pages including references and should not exceed 19 pages (still, WP part III itself should be at least 3 pages). The deadline to submit your first version is Monday, April 26th at 11:59pm US Eastern time (it will not be accepted after that).

    Warning: you cannot use pictures or graphs produced by others. For instance, if you have a graph, you should provide the code to generate it. The only exception is a picture of a scientist, but you need to clearly state where the picture is taken from.