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The Assignment

Purpose & Goals

Generally, the assignments in this course are meant to give you the opportunity to practice with the
topics of this course in a way that is challenging yet also manageable. At times you may struggle and at
others it may seem more straight-forward; just remember to keep trying and practicing, and over time
you will improve.

Specifically, assignment 3 aims to improve your understanding of the linked-list data structures we’ve
been talking about by:

● Encouraging you to think about how you need to use and access data in your algorithm before
choosing the data structure(s) for your data, with a focus on thinking about which of a List or a
SSet is more appropriate, in a variety of problems,

● Seeing the value of ListIterators for linked lists, and

● Implementing parts of the List interface using DLList and SkiplistList as the backing data type, using
some of the concepts we’ve been learning about. Hopefully you will contrast these solutions with
the array-based data types to see where they must be different.

Part A: The Setup

Start by downloading and decompressing the Assignment 3 Zip File (, which contains a
skeleton of the code you need to write. You should have the files:,,,,,,,, and

As with assignments 1 & 2, you can test Parts0-4 using the command line or input/output files. You can
test Part C with the Tester class included in the zip file. As before, you’ll want to add your own tests as
this is just given as a basis on which you should build. The submission server will do thorough testing; it
is your job to read the specifications as carefully as possible, and to examine your own code for potential
problems and test those cases.

If you are having trouble running these programs, as given, figure this out first before attempting to do
the assignment. Check the assignment 3 FAQ on discord and ask questions if you are stuck and course
staff or another student will likely help you fairly quickly.

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