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A 部分:检查政策情景 [34 分]

关于加拿大货币政策。 加拿大银行 2021 年 4 月
通胀前景面临的风险数量。 总结风险
如果该风险成为现实,则应该承担。 应该有一个分析
对于每个风险。 在已识别的风险中,您认为哪些(如果有)
自 2021 年 4 月货币政策发布以来已经实现
政策报告。 用数据、新市场项目、
和/或文章。 任何数据来源、文章或市场预测
使用应该在参考部分正确记录。 如果你使用

A 部分的大约总页长:4-5 页

Part A: Examining Policy Scenarios [34 points]

In this part of the assignment you will be taking the role of an advisor
on Canadian monetary policy. The Bank of Canada’s April 2021
Monetary Policy Report (published on their website), identified a
number of risks to the inflation outlook. Summarize the risks
identified and for each case, using what we have learned over the
term, describe what policy actions you think the Bank of Canada
should take if that risk is materialized. There should be one analysis
for each risk. Of the risks identified, which, if any, do you believe
have materialized since the release of the April 2021 Monetary
Policy Report. Justify your responses with data, new market projects,
and/or articles. Any data sources, articles or market projections
used should be properly document in a reference section. If you use
figures and/or tables, please number them accordingly and attach
them at the end of the brief.

Approximate total page length of Part A: 4-5 pages


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