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Brief description of core mechanics of game

Why this game was chosen


Description of core Formal Elements

Analysis of key Formal Elements on design


Description of Dramatic Elements

Analysis of key Dramatic Elements design


Description of System Dynamics

Analysis of key System Dynamics on design


Quality of language and formatting

Within word count


Write an individual report that provides a critique of a commercially available digital game of your choice.

Content and Purpose – This assessment examines your theoretical knowledge from the lectures in this subject and to show your grasp of the vocabulary that is emphasized in the lecture slides and the subject’s recommended text book (“Game Design Workshop” by Tracey Fullerton, available inPDF through Google).

You should analyse your chosen game as a professional game designer (i.e. NOT like a games journalist simply stating what you liked and didn’t) to show how the various design choice madeby the game’s creators affect the play experience. This should reference the core formal elements,dramatic elements, and dynamic systems of the and utilize appropriate language and sub-concepts within each of these as they were presented in the lectures.

If the game you choose is large, it may have many different types of gameplay or complex designs that would require more than the word limit below to describe. In these cases, you should identify one particularly important part of the game to analyse. E.g. If your game has both single player and multiplayer modes, which is more important to the game’s success in your opinion? Or if your game has complex combat and crafting system, focus on only one of these, etc.

Scope – You can choose any commercial digital game that is available on the market.“Commercial” means anybody can, at the time of writing your report, easily purchase it from a physical (e.g. JB HiFi / EB Games / etc.) or online (Steam / App Store / etc) store.

Length – Your report must be between 3000 and 4000 words (not including spaces). More words are not necessarily better – you should strive to use precise language to express your ideas in a concise and coherent manner, while also covering the marking criteria below.

Images – Your report must use effective use of images to highlight key points within your report.These can be screenshots from the game or your own diagrams you create to illustrate your ideas.These images do not count towards your word count.

Format – Your report must have the following structure with matching section headings:


1.1. Core Mechanics

1.2. Why I Chose this Game


2.Formal Elements

2.1. Players

2.2. Core Objectives

2.3. Core Procedures

2.4. Core Rules

2.5. Core Resources

2.6. Conflict

2.7. Outcome

2.8. Analysis of Formal Elements


3.Dramatic Elements

3.1. Challenge

3.2. Play

3.3. Premise

3.4. Narrative and Characters

3.5. Analysis of Dramatic Elements


4.System Dynamics

4.1. Core objects and their relationships

4.2. Tractability

4.3. Player Control

4.4. Information Structures

4.5. Feedback Loops

4.6. Game Economy

4.7. Emergent Systems

4.8. Analysis of System Dynamics

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