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Task Details:

The assignment task is to research and write an individual research paper of 3,000 words that
examines and evaluates a selected aspect of a regulatory system in a business context in a
national or sub-national location of your choice.

Your research paper should discuss and evaluate the strategies that are designed to achieve
compliance with the regulatory requirements in that context, and to provide well-supported
recommendations on how the system might be made more effective.

You will most likely need to cover the following aspects in your discussion (although you do
not necessarily need to cover everything, and you can be flexible with essay structure):

1. Map the regulatory landscape that relates to your chosen regulatory area.

  • a. What/who are the relevant regulatory actors? (this might mean both state and
    non-state actors depending on context)
  • b. What are the relevant standards? This might be in the form of law or other rules.
    (You can keep your discussion of these to a very general level. There is no need
    to discuss legal principles in detail).
  • c. How do the relevant actors seek to enforce these standards? What strategies do
    they use?
  • d. In presenting your overview of the system, you should accurately apply
    regulatory concepts (i.e. applying such terms as ‘command and control’, ‘self
    regulation’, ‘meta-regulation’, ‘responsive regulation’, ‘smart regulation’ etc as

2. What evidence is there of the effectiveness of this system in achieving its regulatory

  • a. How do you understand ‘good regulation’ in this context?
  • b. Is there any evidence of failures or even scandals? What caused these? (media
    coverage can be a useful source here, and academic publications)
  • c. Is there any other available empirical evidence of compliance responses?

3. Drawing especially on, and citing, applicable required readings for the unit, discuss
the options that regulatory policy-makers or other actors have at their disposal in
seeking to reform your selected regulatory system. What might be the likely strengths
and weaknesses of such options? What evidence is there to suggest this? [Don’t forget
that we will cover some useful strategies in the final weeks of the unit]

4. Finally, drawing especially on, and citing, applicable required readings for the unit,
and your previous analysis, provide your own recommendations for changes that might
be made to the system. Explain why you think these approaches might have better
compliance outcomes than other competing options.

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