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Project Brief #1: Optim Airlines preparation for 2022 air transport

公司背景 Optim Airlines 是航空业新兴的全球市场领导者,提供
全球 20 个不同国家的运输和物流解决方案。优化

项目概况 Optim Airlines 将在下一财年进军澳大利亚航空业
2021/2022 年,第一架飞机计划在 2022 年 2 月之前运行。由于
COVID-19 大流行,所需的飞机存放在多个机场和飞机上
它们符合 Optim Airlines 和
(以下简称“维护”),这会给 Optim 航空公司带来大量的前期成本。这
Optim Airlines 将考虑完成这项工作的最大总成本是
200 万美元。

Optim 航空公司正在考虑两种不同的策略:
(1) 最大限度地减少运输和维护的总成本,以便所有飞机
准备从 2022 年 1 月 31 日起起飞。
(2) 最大限度地减少运输和维护所需的总时间,使飞机
可以在 2022 年 1 月 31 日之前准备好。如果有多个不同的
Optim Airlines 要求您为每个策略提供:

Optim Airlines 已经原则上获得了愿意的客户的同意
敏感所以不会透露。但是,Optim 航空公司要求估算
选择策略 (2) 所需的每月最低利润率
它可以在 Optim 航空公司于 2021 年 6 月举行的下一次董事会会议上提出。

Company background Optim Airlines is an emerging global market leader in the airline industry, providing
transportation and logistics solutions in 20 different countries worldwide. Optim
Airlines regularly consults with world-class experts who specialise in automation
and optimization to ensure the best strategy for the transportation and logistics
needs of our clients.

Project overview Optim Airlines will enter the aviation industry in Australia in the next financial year
2021/2022, with the first planes scheduled to run by February 2022. Due to the
COVID-19 pandemic, the required planes are stored at several airports and plane
yards in Asia, Europe and North America. At least 20 planes need to be leased and
sourced for transport to Australia. After they are transported to Australia, these
planes must undergo several months of maintenance checks and upgrades to bring
them in line with the safety standards required by both Optim Airlines and
Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority to ensure best practice. Transport of
planes to Australia (hereafter “transport”), and maintenance checks and upgrades
(hereafter “maintenance”), impose substantial upfront costs to Optim Airlines. The
maximum total cost that Optim Airlines will consider to complete this work is
$2 million.

Two different strategies are being considered by Optim Airlines:
(1) Minimise total cost of transport and maintenance so that all planes are
ready to fly from 31 January 2022 onwards.
(2) Minimise total time required for transport and maintenance so that planes
can be ready earlier than 31 January 2022. If there are multiple different
decision options that yield the same minimum total time, the option with
the lowest possible cost should be chosen.
For each strategy, a recommendation for resource allocation, and a breakdown of
the costs and/or time involved (as relevant) is required. Alongside the
recommendations, an explanation of the assumptions made including any impact
they may have on the recommendations should also be provided. Additionally,
Optim Airlines requests that, for each strategy, you provide either: a thorough
analysis on robustness of your recommendation to accuracy of the provided
Project Data (when such analyses are applicable and/or practical), or a qualitative
discussion of robustness together with reasons why a quantitative analysis isn’t

Optim Airlines has already obtained agreements in principle from clients willing to
pay for their transportation and logistics services in Australia, yielding immediate
profit as soon as the planes are ready. These profit estimates are commercially
sensitive so will not be disclosed. However, Optim Airlines requests an estimate
of the minimum profit margin per month needed to choose strategy (2) over
strategy (1). This information should be made clear in the Executive Summary so
that it can be presented at Optim Airline’s next board meeting in June 2021.

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