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The assignment asks you to:

  • Use Communities of practice theory to develop a plan to progress the EAI.
  • Critically evaluate the limitations of your plan and explain how you would deal with
  • Critically evaluate the implications for BA practice.

This has to be achieved within 10 .ppt slides and your presentation cannot go longer than 15
mins including questions. Don’t forget to use peer-reviewed references (please see the A*/A
journals list). References can be included at the end of the presentation and do not count
toward the slide limit. You should use the Harvard Referencing style and include an accurate
list of references at the final slide. You can access the correct style from the library: Harvard
System ( )

Here is a suggested assignment structure to help you

Slide 1: Introduction

Tell the reader what you are going to do:

You are a team of senior BAs and the CEO of Bank1 has delegated the remediation of
the EAI initiative to you. Your team will propose an approach/ plan for re-starting the
EAI using a CoP approach. You will put forward a motivation for choosing CoP and
explain the benefits of CoP to EAI practice.

Slide 2: Define the CoP Plan for Restarting the EAI

  • Describe your CoP plan for restarting the EAI at Bank 1
  • Use a diagram

Slide 3: Situate your CoP plan within the EAI context at Bank1

  • How will you make the CoP plan for re-starting the EAI relevant to Bank1?
  • How does the CoP plan relate to the EAI process? Describe this diagrammatically.

Slide 4: Explain why you have chosen CoP theory to help you implement the EA at

  • Where has CoP been used before?
  • What motivations specific to the case study at Bank1 are there for selecting a CoP?
  • Why is CoP theory relevant to the delivery of the EA at Bank1?
  • Why didn’t your team select other approaches?

Slide 5: Critically analyse your CoP plan as an implementation tool

  • Describe how you would implement your CoP plan
  • What are the operational limitations/ challenges?

Slide 6: How will you intervene in those limitations?

  • What additional steps will you take to enable the implementation of your plan?

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