BHO2265 Integrated marketing Communications

Unique issue 5 Constructing a creative brief. In this section rather than creating an executive summary you will build a creative brief. This document is a blueprint or guide that links the advertising strategy with the execution of the campaign (Ch.6). The brief includes normally most of the information you developed in part A plus some additional information from part B as the campaign hasn’t been launched. In real life, the brief must be approved before any campaign is launched.

It is important to double check your feedback from part A before attempting to write this section. The brief also helps the team to re-focused the main purpose of the plan and see whether they are still on track.

Your brief should contain the following items taken from Ogilvy & Mather a global advertising agency (Ch.6 pp. 195-196). In this case, you should build the brief once finished your plan B as due to time constraints the message strategy was created in part B.

What is the background to this job?
What is the strategy?
What is your task in the job
What is the brand positioning in respect to the product line?
What is H&M objective for this job?
What is the target audience?
What does the target audience currently think or feel about the problem?
What do you want the target audience to think or  feel about the advertised product?
What do you want the target audience to do? what is the main response you want to achieve with the campaign ie; brand image, purchase intent, brand loyalty?
What is the message?
Why should the target audience believe your message?
How should you speak to the target audience


Unique issue 6 IMC Strategy: A description of the whole campaign and its rationale stating for example the message, tagline, main media channels (print newspapers & magazines), Broadcast (Television & Radio),  Other media vehicles (OOH & packaging) and IMC elements (Direct MKTG, SP, Sponsorships, PR, PS &Digital MKTG) to be used in the campaign.

The following topics might help you to address this section satisfactorily:

How are you planning to meet your IMC objectives? Include in your answer the message selected across the campaign and explain the tagline of the campaign.

How will the campaign link your brand to your customer?  In here you need to refer to the IMC elements for example you might like to address the following questions:  What are you going to do with your IMC elements: Which ones are you choosing and why? Mentioned them briefly.

What do you want each element to do, i.e. Advertising, Sales Promotion, Direct Marketing, Personal Selling, Online/Digital, Public Relations, Events and Sponsorship? Provide a brief description.

How will the IMC elements integrate for synergy?

Rationalise your decisions because the executive in charge needs to know why decisions were made in the planning. The executive in charge isn’t interested in the process of your thoughts but what the choice was with a couple of pointers about why.

You must use the most appropriate media channels and its vehicles to meet your objectives. It will be unreasonable to choose all of them. This section needs to be brief as the following section will contain detail information about them.

Unique issue 7  Creative Strategy: Including message factors like structure-appeal and peripheral cues and source will be left for part Ch. 6

While you have determined at a very early stage the message of the campaign, in this section you have time to refine your message and explain the rationale behind the strategy.


BHO2265 整合营销传播

独特的问题 5 构建创意简报。 在本节中,您将构建一个创意简报,而不是创建执行摘要。 本文档是将广告策略与活动执行联系起来的蓝图或指南(第 6 章)。 简报通常包括您在 A 部分中开发的大部分信息以及 B 部分中的一些附加信息,因为活动尚未启动。 在现实生活中,在发起任何活动之前,必须先批准简报。

在尝试编写此部分之前,请务必仔细检查您对 A 部分的反馈。 简报还帮助团队重新聚焦计划的主要目的,看看他们是否仍在正轨上。

您的简介应包含以下摘自全球广告公司 Ogilvy & Mather 的项目(第 6 章,第 195-196 页)。 在这种情况下,您应该在完成计划 B 后构建简报,因为由于时间限制,消息策略是在 B 部分中创建的。

H&M 这份工作的目标是什么?
您希望目标受众做什么? 您希望通过活动实现的主要反应是什么,即; 品牌形象、购买意向、品牌忠诚度?

独特的第 6 期 IMC 战略:对整个活动的描述及其基本原理,例如信息、标语、主要媒体渠道(印刷报纸和杂志)、广播(电视和广播)、其他媒体工具(户外广告和包装)和 IMC 在活动中使用的元素(直接 MKTG、SP、赞助、公关、PS 和数字 MKTG)。


您打算如何实现 IMC 目标? 在您的回答中包括在整个活动中选择的消息并解释活动的标语。

该活动将如何将您的品牌与您的客户联系起来? 在这里你需要参考 IMC 元素,例如你可能想解决以下问题:你打算用你的 IMC 元素做什么:你选择哪些元素,为什么? 简要地提到了他们。

您希望每个元素做什么,即广告、促销、直接营销、个人销售、在线/数字、公共关系、活动和赞助? 提供简要说明。

IMC 元素将如何整合以产生协同效应?

合理化你的决定,因为负责的行政人员需要知道为什么在计划中做出决定。 负责人对你的想法过程不感兴趣,但对你的选择感兴趣,并给出一些关于原因的指示。

您必须使用最合适的媒体渠道及其载体来实现您的目标。 全部选上会不合理。 本节需要简短,因为下一节将包含有关它们的详细信息。

独特问题 7 创意策略:包括信息因素,如结构吸引力和外围线索和来源将留给第 Ch 部分。 6个



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