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Instructions for the Individual Essay

In no more than 1000 words, address the following question:

Based on the materials covered during the course, pick one topic, most resonated with
you, and explain why it resonated the most with you, which could be how it helped you
to discover: (i) something new, (ii) about the way you view the world and/or (iii) about

Format and Submission of the Essay

  1. The essay should be written in Arial font 11 with 1.5 spacing.
  2. The final essay would be a word document or a Pdf file. The essay could be written as a first
    person account.
  3. You must submit both (i) a soft copy of your assignment to eLearn through Turnitin/Dropbox
    and (ii) a printed copy to your instructor. You are allowed to make only one submission to
    eLearn’s Turnitin/Dropbox. Hence, make sure you submit the “right” copy of your
    assignment to eLearn.
  4. Make sure that both the (i) soft and (ii) printed copy of the assignment you submit are
    exactly the same.
  5. The file of the soft copy must be named in the following format:
    • MGMT500 Section Number Your_official_name Assignment name.docx
  6. Students who submit their assignment to either their (i) instructor or (ii) eLearn late will
    have their grade downgraded one full grade (e.g., a B+ becomes C+).
  7. Please be reminded that if you (i) fail to cite sources where applicable or (ii) plagiarize other
    people’s work, it would be considered as a case of academic dishonesty, which would result
    in an F grade being given to you.
  8. Please do not submit your assignment to eLearn at the last minute. You may experience
    difficulty uploading your assignment if many people happen to submit at the last minute.
    Therefore, plan ahead and submit well before the deadline.

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