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这是一篇澳洲的social science essay代写



The major assessment for the unit is a 1600-1750 word written essay,  addressing one of the essay questions provided. Students should choose only one essay question

The essay should address one of the questions below.  While the style of the paper is the Student’s choice, all papers must be grounded in content from the Unit and underscored by quality academic sources. Evidence of critical thinking is expected. Where relevant, positions can be taken; however, this should take the form of informed argumentation supported by sound logic and, where possible, relevant existing theory and empirical evidence.  The essay questions for the major assessment are:

1 Give a critical analysis of either Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages or Jean Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development.  In your response, utilise material from the Unit and your own research to support your analysis.

2 It is often observed that many personality theorists based their theories on their own lives and experiences. Choose up to two theorists from the Unit whose personal experiences and/or the social climate they lived in may have greatly influenced their theories and discuss in detail. As well, provide a discussion of the implications of this in terms of the universality of these theories.

3 Appealing to key theories and concepts surrounding Mortality Salience and Terror Management Theory, analyse both sides of ongoing  debates in the context of COVID-19 (eg: face mask wearing/utility; vaccination; freedom of choice)

4 Appealing to key concepts and theories surrounding social influence, and making reference to at least one real-world case, explain how otherwise ordinary people become involved in campaigns of ethnic or religious genocide.

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