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Part 1 (Worth 75 marks out of the 100 possible marks)

Essay Question:

Accountants like many industries have been evolving since the pandemic started in 2020. Having the business and accounting acumen is no longer enough. Digital Transformation is required for accountants and their clients.

Highlight 4 key technological areas that you have discussed in the semester and discuss how they impact the future of accounting. NB. You must be specific, and it must be related to the unit.

Word Length of the final essay paper: Approx. 2400 words (Excludes: Coversheet & Reference List)

Part 2 (Worth 25 marks out of the 100 possible marks)

Video Question:

With the essay completed create a video reflection which focuses on how you felt post researching and creating this essay. You should be on camera, and you must show your STUDENT ID or your official passport at the start of the presentation / video. Failure to do this will give you a ZERO for the entire assessment. The video will be submitted in a separate Word doc as a link via a separate Turnitin link available on ilearn.

Duration: 4 minutes (min time is 3 mins / maximum is 5 mins)

NB.A reflection is not a recount.


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