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MKTG7501 Semester 2, 2020
Assessment 2 Overview



这学期的情况是袋鼠米兹(Mizzie the Kangaroo)。


You have been provided a template to follow, it includes the headings, you need to fill in all of the detail. You are to work through the following topics, addressing all areas in the written report. You should discuss relevant theory, evidence and evaluation. The basic overview includes an introduction, followed by a detailed customer persona that you will create, with justification. The 4Ps will then be examined and each is to be evaluated with a score out of 10, providing justification for this score. As an example of evaluation, (not from this semester, just an example for illustrative purposes), you’d have a heading with evaluation followed by detailed justification of that score. Following this, the marketing mix will be evaluated with a score out of 10, with justification. Recommendations should then be proposed and justified before concluding the report.

Report requirements
The report should include a full marketing mix evaluation, working through the content from each topic, evaluating the current evidence to determine the effectiveness of the strategy and making recommendations, with support from marketing theory. Your report will be your own work and backed by your own evidence, evaluation and recommendations. Please ensure you consult the marking criteria for full details of expectations. Notably, students will not just list evidence but will consider and evaluate the marketing mix in relation to optimal marketing success.

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