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COIS 3820H Fall 2020 WEB Assignment #2


a)苹果公司是目前世界上最有价值的公司,资产超过一个万亿美元,但并非总是那样。 在1990年代的某个时候一直在努力争取市场份额(虽然忠诚客户的比例很小,但确实无法在PC市场上占便宜)。 在本文中,请讨论苹果公司的谦虚的开端,早期的成功,失败以及what花一现的东西苹果将成为2020年全球最有价值的公司。

b) Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more ingrained into our everyday lives. Much of what we see and do is influenced by AI. Many researchers are concerned that we need to be careful and set guidelines as to what is or is not acceptable and/or ethical. Do some research on current and potential applications of AI and discuss which are benevolent to us, which are acceptable with guidelines, and which should not be allowed under any circumstances.

There are many ways to approach these topics. What is important from our perspective is that
your arguments are strong (and well supported by the literature), and the essay is well written.

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