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本次作业是来自加拿大的关于一个Javascript 3D图像的JS代写assignment


Free Animation Write a program that shows an animated scene. Your scene should include a
combination of hierarchical objects that move about.


  1. At least one two-level hierarchical object (e.g. human arm).
  2. At least one texture either procedural or mapped.
  3. At least one shader edited or designed from scratch to perform a clearly visible effect.
  4. 360 degrees camera fly around using lookAt() and setMV().
  5. Connection to real-time. You should make sure that your scene runs in real-time on fast enough
    machines. Real-time means that one simulated second corresponds roughly to one real second.
  6. You should display the frame rate of your program in the console window or the graphics window
    once every 2 seconds.
  7. Make and submit a movie of your animation. The movie should be about 512×512 and in a standard
    format, such as mp4. Include a cover image (png or jpg) of 100×100 pixels. You may use any screen
    capture program that is available.
  8. Provide a readme.txt that describes what you have done, what you have omitted, and any other
    information that will help the grader evaluation your work, including what is stated below.
  9. Complexity: scene setup and design, movement of animated elements, and programming.
  10. Creativity: story telling, scene design, object appearance and other artistic elements.
  11. Quality: Attention to detail, modeling quality, rendering quality, motion control.
  12. Programming style.


  • Note that creativity and complexity are both important for this assignment. You will not a high grade
    if your scene is complex but not creative, and vice versa.
  • Satisfying all the minimum requirements will result in a grade at the level of “C”.
  • You must use the template code provided. However, you can modify it as you see fit.
  • You must do the assignment from scratch. If you use existing code (e.g. assmt 1) then you must state
    that clearly in your readme.txt file. Using any piece of code from any source (e.g. previous offerings
    of the course, assmt 1, the web etc) without attribution will be considered plagiarism.
  • You can use libraries as stated below. You will not get credit for the code you have not written,
    however, it might help with the visual complexity of your scene. For example, if you use an existing
    model for required element 1, then you will not get credit for it. See below for more details.
  • The assignment will be marked in York’s 9-point scale or equivalent letter grade scale.


  1. Make a backup copy of your project folder first to avoid accidentally deleting your work.
  2. Remove un-necessary files from the project.
  3. Archive the project folder in a zip folder and call it
  4. Test the archive
    a. Unzip the archive in a different location.
    b. Make sure everything works as expected.
  5. Submit the zip file on moodle.

Essentially we want to be able to open your zip file, run, and see some pretty graphics on screen :-). Also
note that you can add as many files as you want to the project as well as modify any settings that you
need to. However, it would be useful if you stated unusual settings and additional files in the readme.txt.
Check the forum and the courses web site regularly for changes in the submission process.

1) Call your movie file <first>_<last>_movie.[mpg,mp4], replacing <first> and <last> with your first
name and last name.
2) Call your image file <first>_<last>_image.jpg.
3) Zip the two files in an archive called <first>_<last>
4) Submit the file on moodle.
• You may run out of space when you record your frames to make a movie. You may need to use
temporarily another drive to record the movie, i.e. a usb mini-drive. If you do not have access to
one, let us know and we will figure something out.

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