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本次美国代写是People Analytics的一个限时Quiz

If you know that Steven left his employer because he found a better job elsewhere, how would you categorize this form of turnover
Select one:

a. Avoidable turnover
b. Dysfunctional turnover
c. Functional turnover
d. Unavoidable turnover

If you would like to determine the effect size (magnitude) of a training intervention, what is the statistical index you should pay attention to?
Select one:

a. Correlation
b. Cronbach alpha
c. P value
d. d of cohen

The following table demonstrates the same type of validity:

Select one:

a. Face validity
b. Content validity
c. Criterion validity
d. Incremental validity

If you observe a high correlation between a test supposed to measure cognitive intelligence and a test supposed to measure emotional intelligence, we have a problem of
Select one:

a. Divergent validity
b. Predictive validity
c. Convergent validity
d. Incremental validity

What is the break-even value for the correlation between a psychometric test and job performance, if the test costs 15 CHF per candidate, that employees remain on average 5 years in the company and that you estimate that SDy = 20 000 CHF. Moreover, there are 1000 candidates that will be tested each year for 100 open positions.

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