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Question 1:

In your own words, describe the difference between R-squared, adjusted R-squared and the
standard error of the regression (SER)? (3 marks)

Question 2:

Under what conditions should you be concerned about potential omitted variable bias? (3 marks)

Question 3:

Open R-Studio.

Imagine that you have collected data from 10 companies on their sales.
Define a variable Sales, which records your sample of data.

Your observations are

Company Sales
A                3052
B                3005
C                5023
D                7903
E                4295
F                3237
G               6396
H               5921
I                 4541
J                5901

Use R to calculate the mean value of sales in your sample. Give your answer to 2 decimal
places. (3 marks)

Question 4:

Use R-Studio to calculate the standard deviation. (base on question 3)

Question 5(base on question 3):

Let Y ~ N(28.4,38.5)
Calculate the 95% quantile of the distribution. That is, find a value, yi, such that

Give your answer to 2 decimal places.

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