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The Task: Your bosses have been very impressed by your work. As a result, they are asking you to attend an international conference. The conference will discuss the role of trade in the world’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Your boss has asked you to discuss the role of international supply chains.

You will be writing a short report about this. Your report will answer the following questions:

Should governments have restricted trade to enhance domestic supply of personal protective equipment during the Covid-19 pandemic? (500 words)

Is re-shoring the best approach to deal with shocks like Covid-19 or similar events? (500 words)

What other policies should governments pursue to secure access to crucial medical goods during shocks? (500 words)

Word Count and calculations: 1500

Learning Outcomes:

Apply your understanding of the process of globalisation and how it changes issues, such as migration, technology, and services.

Gained insights into trade patterns and the ability to critically discuss trade insights.

Develop an understanding of the role of trade as a part of a nation’s development process and evaluate arguments for and against intervention in the trade process.

Compare and contrast economic and political conditions in poor and rich countries to critically assess the incentives and consequences of trade liberalisation globally, assessing the impact of protectionist policies on the welfare in rich and poor countries to decrypt the political economy of trade reform.

Present/communicate your findings in a professional manner

Submission Instructions: Submit electronically via Canvas.

As per University regulations, late assignments receive a 10% penalty per day until the mark reaches zero. Click here ( for regulations regarding extensions. If you would like to request an extension please apply online. When submitting an application kindly remember to attach all relevant documents like medical certificates etc. We will be unable to process

requests without supporting evidence. The extension form can be found here.

The report has a limit of 1500 words (+/-10%). For every 10% word count (counting everything but the bibliography) over the limit, you will lose 10% of the assignment marks until it reaches zero. There is no discretionary margin above this limit. There is no minimum but you are advised to use all the words allowed to allow for a more developed and detailed analysis.

Assessments task 2 should be submitted on Canvas. Your submission will receive an automatic Turnitin similarity score that should not exceed 25%. You should check this score using the tool on Canvas before submitting. Exceeding this limit raises the risk of your submission is subject to an academic integrity process.

Assessment Criteria and Learning Outcomes

This assessment targets published course learning outcomes (CLOs) 2, 4, 5. The marking rubrics are as given below.

Late Submission

Late work will be penalised using RMIT protocols as noted in the course guide.

If you are seeking an extension of seven (7) calendar days or less (from the original due date), you must apply and submit this form by at least one (1) working day before the assessment deadline. Please ensure you meet the one (1) working day requirement. (

If you are seeking an extension of greater than seven (7) calendar days apply using this form here (

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