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2020 SINB 项目撰写指南:161.777\161.762

2020 年,161.777 和 161.762 入学学生的主要评估是项目。

该报告应详细说明您的问题、目标、发现和结论,但它必须重点关注统计方法。对于报告的长度,您的目标应该是 5,000 字左右(包括图标题和参考文献,但不包括附录)。越短越好,只要你能够清楚地传达你工作的重要组成部分,即你将根据质量和清晰度而不是数量来评判,所以尽量保持你的关键信息。您应该使用文章的标准部分来撰写报告,如背面表格中所述。


2020 SINB Guidelines for Project Writeups: 161.777\161.762



In 2020, the major assessment for students enrolled in 161.777 & 161.762 is The Project.

The project is designed to extend the skills of students beyond lecture material and pedagogical examples given during the course. It gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that you understand and can capably apply the methods you have learned to real data. It is intended to have the same scope as the exam so students should thus spend as much time on the project as they would ordinarily spend preparing for an exam.


The Project Report

Your report should take the form of a technical report written for business. The audience of the document is the a hypothetical line manager. Someone that knows a bit about the domain of interest, but may not have your analytical skills.

The report should detail your problem, objectives, findings and conclusions, though it must have a strong focus on the statistical methodology. For the length of the report, you should aim for around 5,000 words (including figure captions and references but not appendices). Shorter is better, as long as you are able to clearly relay the important components of your work, i.e. you will be judged on quality and clarity, rather than quantity, so try to keep to your key messages. You should write your report using the standard sections of an article, as outlined in the table overleaf.

Each section may have subheadings if you think it will add clarity

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